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Live US Virtual Receptionists for Pressure Washers and Window Cleaners

Friendly Answering Service for Exterior Service Businesses

While you're busy squeegeeing windows or pressure washing brick and pavers, your phones are still ringing.

Jill's Office live virtual receptionists are here to help cover your phones so you can better juggle the demands of running a busy exterior services business. 

Providing You with Customized Call Answering!

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Jills Hero Banner-06.png

Benefits of Jill's Office Answering Service



Providing exterior services often means it's a seasonal business. We know that some months are busier than others, so we offer no-contract call answering plans. Enjoy the flexibility of being able to change your minutes package depending on your call needs month to month. Your friendly staff of virtual receptionists will be on standby for whenever you need us. 


Jill Receptionists are happily known as your most economical employee. Business owners save, on average, $40,000 a year hiring Jill's Office instead of an in-house receptionist. You pay only for the time we're actually on your calls, don't have to cover taxes and benefits, and can forget the hassle of hiring reliable help! We've got you covered.


Unlike other call centers, Jill's Office not only answers calls for your business, but we can provide pricing as well as schedule estimates and jobs in your own calendar! 


Call to chat with one of our onboarding specialists for details on supported calendars.


What Can We Do For YOUR Business?



Our team of professional, US based receptionists will ensure every one of your calls to your exterior services business is answered with a smile. You decide how often you forward your calls over to us. We are here as much or little as you need!



Forward your customer calls to us and we will answer as your personal business receptionist. We can customize your scripts to gather whatever information is most helpful about their property and work needs so you are fully prepared for the job!

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Service business owners love that they can delegate following up on leads and rescheduling past customers to their team of virtual receptionists. Get better ROI on your Facebook and Google Ad spend with our follow up call services.

appointment scheduling - jillsoffice.png


Let us fill up your calendar with pressure washing and window cleaning appointments!


Jill receptionists can schedule with any online booking link or they can directly log in to your own Jobber, House Call Pro, or ResponsiBid account.

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Did you know we offer after-hours services as well? We will handle any overflow calls so you can eat dinner, relax, and actually enjoy your time off. Your customers will never hit voicemail again, meaning you'll capture more estimates and jobs!



We know how fast you are constantly going as an exterior property cleaning business owner. Our app & web portal helps streamline your workload by getting instant alerts about your calls. Get reports of what happened on the call and reply to have us to call back. 

Hire Jill As Your Personal
Business Receptionist!

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Get a FREE DEMO to
hear what the receptionists
at Jill's Office sound like!

If you aren't quite convinced that
this is the solution for you, let's take a peek at 
what the Jill's Office experience is like!

"I really like how you don't have to lease out an expensive office and hire a full time secretary if you aren't at that level in your business yet and just need someone part time or even at certain times of the day to help you.


They are actual, professionally trained receptionists who really care about what they're doing. You can hear it in their tone of voice that they're very passionate when they pick up the phone.


I absolutely trust them!"

—Keith Kalfas, Kalfas Professional Services

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Ready to Rock N' Roll?

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