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Luckily Jill can help get it done!

The fortune is in the follow-up,

but it's usually last on your to-do list. 

Outbound Call Services

Types of Outbound Calls

Let's Make It Rain!

What can our outbound Jill's do for you?



Have a list of leads from Facebook Ads, a trade show, website visitors, or referrals?

Send them to Jill! We can follow up on a huge list all at once - or leads on a one by one basis as they come in.

Follow ups are our speciality!


Need to do some market research or information gathering for a new product, service, or campaign?


Jill can help! Send us a list and we can gather contact info or other information helpful to your campaign! 




Previous customers are usually the easiest and most lucrative way to increase business - so send us a list of past customers and we'll get them rescheduled for your services! 

You can even set up a recurring schedule for us to follow up with them yearly, semi-annually, or every quarter.



No shows are noooo fun! Decrease your no show rate significantly by having a live reminder call made to all appointments.

Have your scheduling system send us an auto message the day before and we'll happily give them a call to make sure they're there for business!



Need to rework your schedule for the day, week, month? Things come up that require a little shuffling. Jill can help call and get appointments moved around to work best with your needs.

And when we call - we can relay any information needed for them to be ready for the appointment!



After your work is completed or product is delivered, Jill is happy to make calls to make sure your customers are happy with the service or product and to gather feedback on anything you're wanting greater insight on.

Don't forget to have Jill ask for reviews and referrals as well!

Give it a try and watch the business roll in!

How Does it Work?



 If you get leads off your website - you can have those forward automatically to us! 


Have a longer list for us to call? Send us a spreadsheet!  


Have Facebook Leads populate into a Google Spreadsheet you share with us and we'll check it throughout the day!



We'll send you a message after the call so you know what happened. If it's a longer list, we'll mark our notes from every call on the spreadsheet so you can see the progress. 

If they don't answer, we'll leave a voicemail. You can request how many attempts you'd like us to make on spreadsheets if we can't reach them the first time. 



Our friendly, seasoned Outbound Team will call on your outbound requests. Guaranteed call within 24 business hours - but usually we get to it much faster than that.


We make outbound calls Monday through Friday from 8 am - 5 pm MST.


Any requests that come in over the weekend we'll call on Monday!



Your follow up calls are DONE!

You can customize and tweak your scripts along the way.

Oh and don't worry... the calls all come from your Jill phone number, which is a local area code. (Ask us how you can even have them come from your own business number.)

How Does it Work?

Outbound Costs

  • Your monthly minutes are used on your outbound calls just the same as your inbound calls.

  • There is a 1 minute billable minimum on any outbound attempts (unless it is a bad number).

  • Any overage on your minutes is billed at a per minute rate depending on your minutes package (see all packages here).

  • To get a rough idea of how much your campaign will cost - give us a call!

Cost Calculator
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